Auto detailing is an amazing industry that focuses on and specialises in restoring,
enhancing, protecting and then carefully maintaining a vehicles appearance.

Our highly skilled team has been privileged to work on some of the rarest and most valuable
cars in the world, we love what we do and have a real passion for auto detailing and enhancing a vehicles
appearance to a better than new finish and then protecting it. Our partnership with SB3 coatings in the USA has taken our detailing game to the next level, we offer world class services and products right here in SA conveniently located in Sandton.

Invest in your investment
Detailing is a smart investment that pays back, in our detail packages page we present our Ceramic protection options to give you some guidance choosing the right package. Please view our Paint Protection Film (PPF) page, there is nothing better available anywhere in the world to protect your vehicle against stone chips, scratches and scuffs. Our film is the glossiest, clearest and toughest PPF available.

All of our packages and services are a result of countless hours of research and testing
to ensure we only use the most effective methods and products to deliver unbelievable
results in each and every detail.

We would love to take care of your vehicle.