Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are the evolutionary next step ahead of paint sealants and waxes –

They are harder and more durable than anything else you could put on your paint and
careful changes in  the dilution ratio and some additives allows us to apply ceramics to a multitude
of surfaces such as leather, glass, vinyl and fabric  and they out perform everything else on the
market on any surface

Nano coatings provide a durable hard  coat which protects against minor paint scratches
Chemicals, bird droppings, tar and UV rays besides protecting your vehicle they provide a
deep gloss that has self cleaning properties making future maintenance of your vehicle far easier

Waxes and glazes have their place and still offer a lot of value but the last breakthrough in developing
polymer sealants was over 25 years ago Ceramic coatings are on another level in terms of durability and gloss.

Rocket is an authorised installer of SB3 ceramic coatings, we have chosen to partner with 
SB3 because their proven track record and excellent work ethic we have found their products
to be superior to anything else we have used


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