Detailing Packages


Detailing at Rocket Auto Care 

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic we have implemented some extra detailing measures at Rocket Auto Care to ensure the safety of our customers 

  1. Staff are required to wear masks at all times 
  2. Staff are required to wear gloves at all times and sanitise every 30 minutes at a dedicated sanitising station 
  3. Customers are welcome to use our sanitising station upon entry 
  4. Interior vehicle surfaces will be steam blasted 
  5. Fogging of interior (A novel DDAC which kills corona virus)
  6. Full surface interior wipe down with sanitising agent before customer collection (will not damage interior or leave an odour)
  7. Keys will also be cleaned, sanitised and placed in a zip lock bag 

Rocket Auto Care detail packages

High Grade Carnauba wax – R2800 (2 days to complete) 
  • Exterior wash and detail13 step process
  • Full Interior valet and deep clean
  • Single stage paint correction (80% correction)
  • High Grade Carnauba wax applied to paint and wheels to protect and provide a deep gloss

2 year ceramic coatingR4500 (2 days to complete) 
  • Exterior wash and detail – 13 step process
  • Full Interior valet and deep clean
  • 2 stage paint correction (85% correction)
  • Specialised wheel sealant applied to rims 
  • Paint and plastics protected with SB3 Omega Ceramic coating (warrantied for 2 years)

5 year ceramic coating – R8500 (3 days to complete)
  • Exterior wash and detail – 13 step process
  • Full Interior valet and deep clean + SB3 leather (hyde) and fabric coating (Fiber)
  • Engine bay detailed
  • Undercarriage cleaned
  • Wheels removed – suspension, calipers and wheels steam cleaned and coated with SB3 Vortex
  • 3 stage paint correction (90% correction)
  • Paint chip touch ups
  • SB3 optic glass coating
  • Plastics protected with SB3 Alpha
  • Paint protected with SB3 Alpha (warrantied for 5 years)

Concours d’ elegance – R22 300 (10 – 14 days to complete)
  • This is a full concours level detailing where we take extra time to restore each and area of the vehicle including the undercarriage, suspension parts, wheels, glass etc, we then coat each part with an SB3 Ceramic coating for the ultimate shine and protection. Extra time is taken on paint correction for 100% defect removal for a perfect finish, every corner and crevice is carefully cleaned for concours winning perfection
  • Paint touch ups
  • Paint protected with SB3 trinity

Interior Valet – R1250 (1 day to complete)
  • Shampoo and deep clean of carpets, matts and seats
  • Steam clean on vents, dash, centre console and door panels
  • Streak free cleaning of screens, mirrors and glass
  • Deep cleaning of leather and alcantara
  • Spot stain removal
  • Fabric, plastic, dash and leather protective treatment (6 months UV + stain protection)
  • Leather and fabric protected with NuVAX smart guard 

Moto Package (motorcycle detailing) – R2800 (2 days to complete)
  • Exterior wash and detail
  • Engine carefully detailed
  • Polishing of chrome and metal parts
  • 3 stage paint correction (90% correction)
  • Paint chip touch ups
  • Plastics protected with SB3 Moto
  • Paint protected with 1 layer SB3 Moto (motorcycle specific coating)

Additional Services

In addition to our detailing services we have grown a team of trusted partners to deliver additional in house services

  • Enclosed vehicle transport (fully insured)
  • Mag wheel repairs
  • Leather repair and restoration (ColorGlo system)
  • Paintless dent removal
  • Minor paint repairs and touch ups
  • Specialised stripping of body parts and interior panels by trained experts
  • Vinyl wrapping


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