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Rocket has partnered with Premium Shield as our number one choice in paint protection film. Their self healing super glossy films are the best in the industry. Cheaper film manufacturers claim clarity, no yellowing and self healing but Premium Shield has proven to us to deliver on its claims over and over.

Each pre cut film installation is flawlessly carried out by our expert applicators and is backed up a lifetime warranty. Rest assured of quality service from us and top performance from your film installation.

Because of the films perfect clarity it is almost invisible while providing an ultra tough skin that protects paint against stone chips and scratches and will naturally self heal swirls and light scratches.



Every panel is pre cut by a machine to avoid any cutting done on the vehicles paint. Our two most popular options are



Full front wrap

Rocker panel protection

These are the two most vulnerable areas to stone chips and pricing starts from R14 000 for a full front wrap. We are able to install pre cut film onto any exterior panel of any vehicle because of  Premium Shields extensive data base of templates. Full wraps are a very good option and provide the best possible protection for rare and exotic cars.

Paint protection film can be ceramic coated for additional self cleaning effect and even greater protection. Please visit our ceramic coatings page for more info 



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